How to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work

Maybe You started a new job or company. What now? How can you be successful and reach your goals? We all have been there. Some essential tricks to simplify the process of becoming indispensable can make the difference in how you feel about your work!

Motivation is Key.  An employee that is acting goal oriented has great chances on being in the right spot at the right time for a promotion or assisting to grow a business.  A hard-working team-player, who is constantly improving skills through multi-tasking, taking ownership of his/her work and asking for opportunities to get better, will make a positive impression.

However, it is important to keep the company values in mind. Growing as a person?  Yes, but as a new employee, you need to stay valuable for the firm. The company comes first. For instance, growth is possible through helping others grow, especially through working closely with the boss and being supportive of your team. Face-to-face interaction is an important aspect of your personal branding.

Furthermore, review, reflect on your assets. Additional to reviews from your boss or peers, it’s essential to check yourself and keep track of your successes. That last part is often forgotten.

A trick on how to efficiently document is to keep a file or even a personal homepage, which you update on a regular basis with your achievements. This homepage can be shared with mentors, other business associates or team members. The way you communicate this information will be critical to create an image of your value or even when it is time to request for a promotion. Sell your skills once you have proof of your efforts!

The journey is the destination.

It’s ok to take a risk. Whether you succeed or fail, you are in the position to learn and show the intent to push forward. Planning is progress, as the more you plan to be indispensable, the more you learn to execute successfully.

Although focusing on your own brand and how you communicate it will show others how indispensable you are, equally important is to what degree those you work with feel they can reach out to you for help. Whether you are offering advice or how to use technology or where to find resources, when you can assist others, you increase your own value. Of course, helping others is a characteristic we should all spend more time on developing!

Let’s make it inconceivable to work without you! Watch for a free tool soon on specific ways to communicate your assets to your organization!