Why You

You are a brand. How do people know your brand? Knowing how to communicate your brand will make you marketable for new opportunities. With Making YOU Marketable, you will develop skills and strategies to WOW the employers or customers of YOUR Choice.

Even if you have owned a small business for several years, you still are the name behind the company. Who you are and how you brand yourself will always be part of the decision making whether to purchase products or services. If you are the founder of a nonprofit, no matter how much you try to have the focus on the organization, how well you are branded makes the difference in your ability to raise money. And if you are an entrepreneur you are the brand which will impact how well you can take that product or service to market! It is probably time for you to BIZ Up!

Sometimes my clients haven’t really recognized their passion to start something new. Or their skills. Or how to focus their energy. We start there…wherever you are. This is the first step to building and managing your brand.

Maybe you want to CAREER UP to gain a promotion, make a transition or find the next opportunity or…you are an entrepreneur, perhaps with a small business, and you need coaching or training to build your personal brand so that you gain and retain the best customers imaginable, I can help you.

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