Hello! I am looking forward to getting to know you better! Here is a little bit about me in case we connect on some passion, experience or interest!

I live in Virginia Beach which is great because I can get to the oceanfront in about 10 minutes. My retired husband Pat and I spend lots of time off season walking the board walk, eating at our favorite local haunts, and well, I like to take lots of pictures.

It’s taken me a few decades to know what my passions are and the way I like to work, but fortunately I have had a lot of great experience (both successes and failures to get to this point!

First, I got a degree in Communications and Theatre Arts, because my Dad would not let me go off to New York to be a ballerina until I had an education. So, I checked that off the list and taught high school English, Public Speaking, and Visual Language for 10 years, mostly moonlighting with dance and choreography. What else? Divorce led to sailboat racing, running races, and skiing.

I didn’t know I would be an entrepreneur. Yeah, founded the first women owned advertising/PR firm in Hampton Roads with another teacher, working after school and realizing a quarter million in billings the first year. Proceeded to a corporate management jaunt at regional operations of large companies—the largest health system in Virginia, Cox Communications, and USAA.

In 2002, I got that urge again to be on my own. Still am. Managing Communications has been a lot of fun, but out of that comes something new, hopefully helping you. Making YOU Marketable is a way for me to give back…a lot of years helping individuals in addition to small businesses to find their passion, work they way they want to, career up and make a good living!

If you are an entrepreneur, especially just starting out, a small business owner, or a professional looking to communicate YOUR Brand to increase the fantastic opportunities waiting to be found, you are at the right place!