What’s YOUR Brand #Hashtag?

What hashtags brand you? I want to be known for being strategic in my social media. I also want to make contacts who share my values and passions. So, I use #bestrategic and #STEMed a lot. They both speak to my brand, but they also brand my business to potential clients in many different industries.

Ok. So, what are the results? Some of us need instant gratification so we need to identify a good hashtag and then use if repeatedly. One way to decide on a hashtag is to search hashtags to see what is trending, and then decide which of those support your brand. There is a little risk though so be sure to click on a hashtag to see what kind of businesses and organizations are using that one. Some will be very broad such as #MondayMotivation and may not target effectively for you.

In Twitter, just go to your home page and look at what hashtags are trending on the left. Trends on Google Plus are in the “What’s Hot” section. Just be careful not to use too many hashtags from these at once as you are considered a scammer unless they all relate to your business.  I also like a free membership website for hashtag trends to help you called www.hashtags.org. One of the best ways to search for hashtags is by observing others and what hashtags they use in your newsfeeds. This is especially effective for me in LinkedIn.

Speaking of LinkedIn, what is the value of using hashtags in your posts? When you use a hashtag which is often used by others, it puts your post in a newsfeed with others in your network. Your potential clients in your network will be clicking to see their own post results for the hashtag, and guess who else they will see? You!

Be sure to include your hashtags in all your posts, even those you are sharing with your comment (and always have a comment when sharing) if you are doing purposeful promotion of YOUR Brand.

Should you have a hashtag for your own business even if nobody else will have that one? Absolutely! Let your hashtag help brand you just as your business card does or the way you introduce yourself at a networking event.

Good luck and fill out the Contact form if you want to send me a #hashtag you are thinking. I will be happy to give you my input!