The Perfect Time to Brush up on your Resume and Interview Skills


Are you Looking Where you are Going?

It is really easy to lose focus everyday now that nearly everyone is remote. The HR professionals who are conducting interviews are not using their traditional practices! Have you or someone you know been let go from their job? How do you adjust to opportunities to better your career or replace the job from which you were just furloughed? MCC is Offering a Complimentary kick start to get You or Yours Moving Along! We are donating a 15 minute review of your current resume and 15 minute follow up consult free of charge.

Just email your resume to and include a best time to reach you by phone along with your phone number. We will confirm receipt and set up a time to talk!

Communications and Resume Coaching for Today’s Job Searches

I have been helping career candidates for over ten years as one of our MCC services. Whether you are recently let go or planning to make a move when we get beyond the coronavirus, you probably need to brush up on your communications skills as well as your resume to present well on new platforms. If you receive an interview request over then next few months, you will probably be online on a platform like Zoom or Facetime. Your telephone conversations require a different type of etiquette then you are probably using these days.

And then there is the resume. Does your resume create the professionalism, clarity, and personality to engage you reviewer?

Price Conscious. Customized. Services. Everyone does not have the same needs. I can assist you, your recent graduate, or others with any combination of the following services:

Branding You. This begins with discussion a about your goals, values, interests as this is critical to building a new future for yourself.

Communications assessment. I will help you evaluate how well you are communicating “you” and your competencies.

Resume review, editing and/or development. As a communications professional, I have assisted clients to evaluate the people they hire, the job functions and descriptions they use, and what their expectations are for their employees. I have edited or developed hundreds of resumes for career seekers, whether they have served in the same industry for years or are recently moving from military to civilian life.